Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Windows 7 Alaska SP1 x64



We have integrated loads of tweak to make user life very easy, you don’t need to go here and there to get into administrative tools, applications that comes with the OS itself. Most of them are just a button click away. Here are the tweaks and sub option that we have integrated in our OS.
Tweaks of right click menu:

Desktop Shortcuts:
1. Change Theme
2. Change Wallpaper
3. Change Screen Saver
4. Change Desktop Icon Settings
5. Change Sound Scheme
6. Change Mouse Pointers
7. Change DPI Scaling
8. Change Window Color And Appearance

Administrative Tools:
1. Advanced User Account
2. System Configuration
3. Windows Memory Diagnostic
4. Local Group Policy Editor
5. Print Management
6. Computer Management
7. iSCSI Initiator
8. Event Viewer
9. windows Firewall with Advance Security
10. Task Scheduler
11. Compoent Services
12. Services
13. Data Sources (ODBC)
14. Local Security Policy
15. Local Users and Groups Manager

Windows Apps:
1. Calculator
2. Command Prompt
3. Disk Defragmenter
4. Internet Explorer
5. Notepad
6. Paint
7. Problem Steps Recorder
8. Snipping Tool
9. Sound Recorder
10. System Restore
11. Task Scheduler
12. Windows Media Player
13. Wordpad

System Shortcuts:
1. Administrative Tools
2. Change Date and Time
3. Change Regional Settings
4. Folder Options
5. God Mode
6. Internet Options
7. Network Connections
8. Power Options
9. Programs and Features
10. Recycle Bin
11. Run
12. Search
13. System Properties
14. User Accounts
15. User Accounts Classic

System Tools:
1. Control Panel
2. Disk Cleanup
3. Device Manager
4. Even Viewer
5. Registry Editor
6. Security Center
7. System Configuration
8. Task Manager
9. Task Scheduler
10. Windows Update

Apart from these we have also put some frequently used option directly in the right click menu, like
1. God Mode
2. Change Wallpaper
3. Open Command Window here
4. Network Connections
5. Registry Editor
6. Task Manater
7. User Accounts
8. Window Switcher

Right click option of My Computer:
1. Open in new Process
2. Device Manager
3. Manage
4. Msconfig
5. Serivces
6. Windows Apps (here you will get all the sub commands which are there in the right click menu)

Now you can directly open my Computer from windows Explorer icon of the taskbar
Administrative tools (with sub commands) in the start menu as well
And many more which I can't even remember, lol

1. 7zip v9.20 (x64)
2. Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX
3. Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin
4. Rainmeter v2.3.3 r1522
5. Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5
6. ESET Nod32 Antivirus v. (Silent Install)
7. Crack of ESET Antivirus ( You don't have to worry about updates, it will search the ID and Password and update your AV every time you start your PC{Silent Install})
8. Google Chrome v.16.0.912.63 (update-able)
9. Java(TM) 6 Update 30
10. CCleaner v3.20.1750
11. Microsoft Silverlight v.5.0.61118.0
12. Theme Resource Changer x64 v1.0
13. UltraISO Premium v9.36 (Registered Version)
14. Winrar v4.65.3.51

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