Friday, January 24, 2014

Windows XP 7 Genius Edition V3

Try this one :)

This is Windows "7" Genius Edition, version 3. 
It's actually an Egyptian mod of Windows xp that looks like a cross between Windows vista and 7, 
and with some extra bundled crap. 
This copy was found at
The installation ISO is inside the "nueva carpeta" folder. 
No product key required for installation.
You can look up Windows 7 Genius edition review on youtube to get an idea of how this Windows xp mod is. 
Spoiler: you wouldn't want to use this as your daily OS. 

Min System Req
Processor : 800 MHZ
Ram : 256
VGA : 32 Bit

Mirror another time :D
before Download
'Regist cloud ^here or here
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Nice modif windows XP 
I think :)