Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dream se7en 2o12 Sp1 X64 V2


Version II of the Windows Dream Se7en, who has spread in the initial release within hours to more than 1000 Web site and impressed a lot Bgamalyate and speed, tint, is today issuing the latest updates and new programs with the latest

Windows Information:

DreamScene fix. Exe to run Dreanscene and fix Desktop icon (silent)
DreamScene Fix en-ar.
en For English Windows - Ar For Arabic Windows
DreamSe7en.exe to run dreamse7en And restore.
PFSCPexe To Open Solve problems Group

- Build upon the official Win7 64-bit EN 7601 U Service Pack 1 Refresh image.
- Exclusive style, with 6 Themes added especialy for the Build.
NOTE: Don't distribute Themes in original or modified form, allowed only for personal use!!
- Applied necessary tweaks. Disabled disk-timeout, standby, hibernation, UAC (User Account Control), remote registry, network.
(System restore is not disabled, it is untouched)
-Copy Maker As3aD Elbahary
- Integrated Net Framework 4.0 x64 with updates
- Added new default wallpapers with the removal of the originals. Added exclusive wallpapers "HQ", "Splash",
- Tweaked logon screen (for the stability of the system not recommended to change)
- Tweaked Media Player style
- Changed default user pics
- Replaced hundreds of system resources (dialogues, pictures, icons etc)
- Activation: not needed. Check in Contol Panel-System after installation.
- Windows6.1-KB2506143-x64
- Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64
- Windows6.1-KB2603229-x64
- WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64
- Net Framework 4 Full x86 x64 with updates
- Flash Player x64
- DirectX-x64
- Java 7.0.2 x86 x64
- K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.1.0
- K-Lite Codec Pack 64-bit 5.6.0
- Runtime Pack x86 x64 (Rare VB, OpenAl etc. Runtimes)
- Game Runtimes (XNA Framework, Games for Windows Marketplace)
- Shockwave
- RealPlayer alt.
- UxThemePatcher-x64
- Visual C + + 2005, 2008, 2010 wih updates
- 7-zip
- WinRAR 4
- Activation
- Windows Live messenger 2012 Ar
- Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Multi
- Internet Download Manger 6.10 Creacked
- Integrated Internet Explorer 9.04 x64
- Google Chorme 18
- FireFox 12
- DreamSe7en Gadgets
- DreamSe7en Theme
- Tool To run DreamSe7en - Restore Orignal Mode
- Tool To Run DreamScene With Fix Desktop icon (Silent)
- Adobe Acrobat Reader x
- Aimp3 Player
- Auto Set Windows Types
- Advanced System Care 5.3 Creacked + Settings
- Format Factory 2.60
- Office 2010 Cracked Ar
- RocketDock
- Photoshop 12 Me
- Microsoft security essentials
- Auto Boot Screen Changer
- Last Update 25/04/2012
- Add Driver Pack
- Tweak registry
- Anti Porn
- Anti Ads
- Anti Hack


User has access to useful "Tools" from Start Menu, to further tweak speed, look, and other hidden elements. Main folder is in c :/ / Program Files (x86) / Tools
Tools accessible from Start Menu:
- A Bootable USB
- CleanUp Prefetch and Temp
- Defrag Boot
- Delete Temp files
- Keyboard Settings
- Rebuild Icon Cache
- Registry Defrag
- Registry Backup
- Smart Services (with presets: Default, BlackViper's, Tweaked)
- Tweak Prefetch (it will give you advice on tools-configuration menu-detect)
- UnCleaner (clean temporary and prefetch files)
- User Password change
- Ultimate Windows Tweaker (be very careful if using it)

Single Link (Letitbit)

500MB/part (JumboFiles)

Part 1-14 | 476.8MB
Part 15 | 455.6MB

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